At Isparta University of Applied Sciences, a diverse array of student communities thrives, each with its unique focus and objectives. These communities range from cultural and artistic endeavors such as the Dance Community and the Photography and Cinema Community to technology and innovation-driven groups like the AR-GE and Innovation Community and the Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence Community. There are also communities dedicated to sports and physical activities, including the Mountaineering Community and the Underwater Sports Community, alongside academic and professional development groups like the Engineering Thought Community and the International Internship Exchange Community. There are also different types of communities interested in different fields such as the Green Crescent Community and the Health, Culture, and Sports Community, to societal and cultural engagement groups such as the Folklore Research and Application Community and the Social Responsibility Projects Community. These groups offer platforms for students to engage in social, cultural, and environmental activities, fostering a sense of responsibility and community service, alongside promoting cultural heritage and awareness on campus.

You can find more information about the students' communities here.