ECTS grades for the final "Transcript of Records"

What does "ECTS" stand for?

The acronym ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System: European and non-European universities use it to express the students' academic results in a standardized way so that also other institutes abroad can recognize the student's academic performance. Generally, in one academic year 60 ECTS credits are awarded.

Once you pass your exams in Isparta University of Applied Sciences (IUAS), the Erasmus Office will prepare a "Transcript of Records" where your home university can see all the courses you took here and the grades you obtained from each of them, thus being able to convert the local grades into its grade system.

You might wonder -how can my home university know how to convert the grades from Isparta University of Applied Sciences?

Here you find a table for the conversion! Plus, in the Transcript of Records that we'll prepare for you, there is always this table too for your university to see.

ECTS grade conversion

 IUAS grade (letters)

IUAS grade (numbers) 

ECTS grades 



























What does each ECTS grade mean?

 ECTS grade



EXCELLENT - outstanding performance 

 with only minor errors 


 VERY GOOD -above the average 
 standard but with some errors


 GOOD -generally sound work with 
 several notable errors


SATISFACTORY- fair but with 
 significant shortcomings 


 SUFFICIENT - performance meets 
 the minimum criteria


 FAIL- some more work is required before 
 the credit can be awarded


FAIL- considerable further work is required 


It's available to see the IUAS Education and Examination Regulations here